Shasta Lake Bible Fellowship
Shasta Lake Bible Fellowship
A Sabbath Keeping Church Located Near Shasta Lake City in Northern California
A Sabbath Keeping Church Located Near Shasta Lake City in Northern California

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  • may the best leader win tonight amen to all.i need prayer for finances i am having negitive luck.=but powers of christ are keeping me going &going &going my address is p.o. box 5132ariaona city az. 85123 ph.#-520-431-1448 peace &happytrails =larry&virgina kenny all the pastor doctor peoples.there god bless rebbecca&rachael &just let all knowi say hi miss yaall &may god bless yaall
    kurt walden - Nov 06 2012
  • Dear Jesus, I am Leonard Pehid, a student in Central Philippine Adventist College here in visayas. I’ve been almost 5 years now here in the school studying with a course theology. I’ve been staying in the school for quite a long time because I’ve been a working student here since I am working for me to support my studies. I know Lord that you have really blessed me that still I could continue my studies and I know that you eventually have been a part of my endevours here in the school. Here in the school I’ve learned how good you are, who you really are, how did you revealed yourself in the Bible and your goal for for me also to share the truth to those people who are in darkness. Lord, It’s been also a priviledge for me to be a part of your work by attending even by being a speaker in some evangelistic efforts that our school provides. There in the efforts I praise you Lord for not just I am growing through it, also these evangelistic efforts had been a way for me to share you to other people whereas these people had accepted you as there personal saviour. Only lord, I have one request in you. As I having these kind of programs Lord there had been times where I find it needed to have a laptop for the effort. If you will Lord, Help me to have a laptop for me to be use for the more effective way of the furtherance of your work. I am only working student and just depending my financial support from my work . If only Lord that you will grant my request that will really help me in ministry. If you will only give me a chance Lord, I will wholly dedicate that laptop in your work. Thank you Lord for the assurance that you will answer my simple request . You servant and your son, Leonard
    leonard pehid - Jul 17 2012


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